Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wednesday Wedding Tips - 5 tips for a gorgeous gown

Today's tips are from Melanie at Andrea's Bridal

Love your bridal gown and want it to be PERFECT on your big day?  Here are a few do's and don'ts from the experts at Andrea's Bridal in Granger:

1.  DO have your gown professionally pressed. 
2.  DON'T use a steamer, it could ruin silk.
3.  DO take your gown straight home or to your hotel after it has been pressed.
4.  DO NOT leave a freshly pressed gown in its bag in your car while you run a few errands on your way home....wrinkles are inevitable.  There is even a story of a bride who stopped at the mall for pantihose and came out to find her gown stolen!
5.  DO make sure you (or your maid of honor, friend, mom) have practiced bustling the dress or consider hiring a dresser to help.

Do you have more questions about bridal gown care?  Call Andrea's Bridal at 574.217.7951 or visit them at

1229 East University Drive

Granger, IN USA 46530

Justs 2 doors down from Brides a la mode!

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