Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wednesday Wedding Tip - Making your older guests comfortable at the reception

Today's tip is courtesy of Brides a la mode member, The Music Place.

Here’s a wedding tip that could help your older guests enjoy themselves at your reception. Do not seat you older guests next to or in front of the area your DJ will be set up during the wedding reception. Your DJ should be on constant watch during the course of a wedding reception to ensure the music is just right, and never too loud, but seating your older guests in front the area where the DJ is location is a bad idea. Typically even if the volume levels are low, the older guests sometimes may feel it is too loud, and when it is time to turn it up for dancing or intros, it will be very uncomfortable for them.

Blake Eckelbarger,
President, The Music Place, Inc

Thanks, Blake.  That is great advice!

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