Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wednesday Wedding Tip - Finding the Perfect Dress!

Today's tip is courtesy of  Merry Me Events

Now that you’ve got the ring, it’s time to find the dress! With millions of dresses out there, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed! Here are a few ideas to help your find the perfect one!

Lazaro gown

When you first start looking, don’t be afraid to look through magazines and bookmark every dress you find online. You’ll be amazed that even though they may look very different, they share some of the same qualities.

Once you narrowed down your search, RESEARCH, find out how much the dresses are and find stores that carry the line. You’ll be surprised that the prices for the same dress vary store to store.

Trunk Shows are a great way to get the dress of your dreams at a lower price! These are special events, which are held at bridal boutiques to showcase a designer’s new line and bring in some dresses the boutique does not normally carry. The best thing about Trunk Shows is that typically the designer’s collection is usually 10-15% off the original price!

Cymbeline Gown

Once you find out where the dresses are sold, make an appointment and be sure to ask when the designer’s next trunk show is. Usually you have to make an appointment for Trunk Shows, so if you can, go ahead and do it. It’s a great idea to go and try dresses on before the Trunk Show, so you know if you love the dress or not. If you find the dress you love go back during the Trunk Show to buy the dress, because most stores only recognize the “sale” price during the trunk show, be prepared to make your first payment when you are there.

Some dresses are only available at Trunk Shows, be sure to ask if your dress is something that they have in the store all the time, or if it is only available at the Trunk show. If your dress is not available at the store, request that the dress be brought for the Trunk Show.

Trunk Shows not only offer dresses for less than retail, they also offer a more customized fit. Because Trunk Shows are not actually a “sale” don’t be afraid to ask for 15% off if what they offer is 10%, you never know if you don’t ask! Good Luck and Happy (wedding dress) Shopping!
Here are some  upcoming Trunk Shows

February 26, 2010
Anne Barge Trunk Show
Belle Vie Bridal Couture
Chicago, IL

February 26- 27
Cymbeline Paris Trunk Show
Chicago, IL

February 26-27
White Chicago
Chicago, IL

February 26-28
Lazaro Event
Chicago, IL

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