Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wednesday Wedding Wisdom - Dollars and Sense

If there is one word of wisdom I can impart on brides-to-be, it is: BUDGET! Without a budget, you can easily be overwhelmed by all of the services and products available and, before you know it, you have spent (or committed to spend) much more money than you have -- you don't want to start your marriage with the stress of bills you can't pay!

Once you have a budget figure, the next step is to decide what is most important to you and start allocating money to each category. If you have a modest budget and your heart is set on a Vera Wang gown, you may need to either scale down the size of your wedding or research alternatives like consignment stores to find the perfect gown.

Bridal magazines and many online resources have great budgeting tools. Need help locating a budgeting form that works for you? Visit the professionals at Brides a la mode and we'll get you started in the right direction!

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