Monday, October 19, 2009

Q&A Monday - Its a hairy situation

Today's Q&A was posed to Brides a la mode member, Sonia Stancombe of Nicholas J Salon & Spa

What is your advice to brides who are thinking of how to wear their hair on wedding day?

Our experienced staff will work with you on this.....but we suggest letting your face shape determine how you will wear your hair for your wedding. Along with your faceshape you will want to consider the style of your dress.

Regal, romantic, retro, relaxed and red carpet: these are a few of the descriptions I hear when discussing an overall image with our brides. This is really important in establishing the final look and feel. In general, a bride with a rounder face will look sleeker with an updo, and a bit of height at the crown. This elongates the face giving it a leaner look. A flattering look for someone with a long, lean face would include a hairstyle with soft, loose curls. This will give the bride a fuller look on the sides to create a more balanced look.

Another factor when considering your choice of hairstyle is whether the bride would like to have her neck covered or not. Some brides would much rather that she doesn't need to tuck or fix any bit of hair for photos through the Wedding day, while others feel very bare without the comfort of hair around the shoulder. Half-up-half-down is a popular compromise.

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