Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Wednesday Wedding Tips - 5 Catering Trends for your reception

Today's tips come from Carrie Rogers, owner of Chic Eats Catering

Wedding receptions are often a sit-down meal with a portioned entrée, starch and vegetable beside it. Or a buffet with a carving station and an array of salads and sides. But ideas in what a wedding reception "should be" are changing.  Today's brides and grooms are more involved in the menu planning than ever thanks in large part to information available on the internet and TV networks like the Style Channel and the Food Network.
Here are the 5 top reception food trends I am seeing:

1. Multicultural – Bringing together diverse histories, ethnic backgrounds, & travels.

2. Swanky Cocktail Receptions – this type of reception includes action stations, tapas selection (small plates) & butler passed appetizers. A cocktail reception is not a new idea, but it has come back into focus a little more because of the economy.

3. Miniature Foods – Mini cheeseburgers, mini chili dogs, mini cones of seasoned French fries, & soup shooters served in shot glasses , mini ice cream cones or shakes“are quite the rage right now” All of the food is recognizable with a twist, but makes it fun and exciting for wedding guests.

4. Healthier Eating & Organic – Keeping the food as local as possible – offering your guests lighter and healthier options.

5. Comfort Food – Creating comfort foods, with a chic twist. Items like macaroni and cheese but made with gruyere and fontina cheese w/truffle oil, baked ziti w/sundried tomatoes and pancetta, mini meatloafs, wasabi mashed potatoes. Your guests will clean their plates.

Just as with all of the other elements of a customized wedding, reception menus reflect the bride and groom’s personal style and that is what Chic Eats Catering likes to capture. We will discuss the menu trends that excite and entice the modern bride & groom but also realize that it’s no news that everyone is trying to save money. Keeping the budget in mind at all times is not a new trend but is always be reinvented because of the economy.
For more information on planning your wedding reception food, contact Carrie at chiceatscatering@aol.com.

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